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Neuroscience:Translate, Stanford Neurosciences Institute

We are pleased to announce Neuroscience:Translate, a new grant program to support translational neuroscience research. The goal is to encourage teams of researchers to address unmet needs in any area of neuroscience.

The devices, diagnostic procedures, software, and pharmaceutical therapies that result from the work of funded teams are intended to lead to startup companies or be brought to the world through licensing agreements with existing companies. The Stanford Neurosciences Institute is partnering with Stanford Biodesign to manage the program and support the teams.

This pilot program is based on the successful Stanford Coulter Translational Research program which is a partnership between Stanford Bioengineering and the Coulter Foundation. The Stanford Neurosciences Institute is bringing this approach and expertise to bear on the field of neuroscience and brain diseases.

Applying for Neuroscience:Translate Grants

Applications for the Fall 2018 pilot program are due by midnight on October 15, 2018.

Application and Eligibility